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Gail Taylor is Distinguished Professor, John B Orr Endowed Professor of Environmental Plant Sciences, and Chair (Head of Department) of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, which is routinely voted as number 1, globally for Plant Sciences. She is responsible for 750 people, over 2,000 acres of experimental farm, 150 acres orchard, 90,000 sq. feet of glasshouse and laboratory, >$50 million budget, and a significant endowment. She oversees the management of seven Research Information Centres focussed on Translational Plant Sciences – plant science that matters for problem solving. She has trained over 50 graduate students to PhD and her current research is improving the safety and quality of leafy green crops for indoor and outdoor production systems. This includes reducing the water footprint of culinary herbs, improving the anti-cancer properties of watercress and developing more sustainable cropping systems for future resource- limited climates. She also has a long-term interest in plants used for bioenergy and is a PI in the Centre for Bioenergy Innovation, funded by the Department of Energy, where she is responsible for unravelling the genetic basis of complex traits for energy crops.

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Company Members oversee all aspects of the ownership, support and operation of the Company itself and of its five published titles Annals of Botany, AoB PLANTS, in silico PlantsBotanyOne, and The Week in Botany. Professor Taylor has additional responsibilities towards BotanyOne

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Office  Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis California 95616 USA

Direct  +1 530 7529165

Mobile  +1 530 9026013







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