Professor Christine Foyer

Company Member

Fields of interest

Plant redox biology and stress responses. Role of primary processes, particularly photosynthesis and respiration, in generating signals that regulate plant growth and defence responses. Work is focussed on on model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana) and on crops such as soybean, maize, barley and wheat. Current projects include (1) redox regulation of the plant cell cycle, (2) WHIRLY and the late embryogenesis abundant protein (LEA)5 function in chloroplasts, (3) cysteine and serine protease inhibitor functions in the control of stress-induced senescence, (4) interactions between high light, nitrogen deficiency and aphid resistance.

Job description

Company Members oversee all aspects of the ownership, support and operation of the Company itself and of its five published titles Annals of Botany, AoB PLANTS, in silico PlantsBotanyOne, and The Week in Botany. Professor Foyer has additional responsibilities towards BotanyOne.

Contact details

Office  School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT

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