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Dr Paula Rudall

Company Member

Fields of interest

Paula Rudall's research focuses on exploring plant structure, specifically the arrangement and development of plant cells, tissues and organs. It ranges from the organization of flowers and the patterning of petal surfaces, which are so important in attracting pollinating insects, to the intricate structure and development of the stomatal pores on the surfaces of leaves, which represent a vital interface with the environment. She investigates many different types of plants, both in their natural environments and in Kew’s extensive living and preserved collections. Recent highlights include the rare and unusual plant family Hydatellaceae as part of ongoing comparative studies on ancient living angiosperms.. 

Job description

Company Members oversee all aspects of the ownership, support and operation of the Company itself and of its five published titles Annals of Botany, AoB PLANTS, in silico PlantsBotanyOne, and The Week in Botany.

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Office Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB, UK

Direct +44 (0)208 3325331

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