Annals of Botany Company

The Annals of Botany Company

The organization is both a Limited Company and a Registered Charity under the laws of England and Wales. Membership is limited to ten, by statute, and new members are normally recruited by invitation. If you are interested in the work of the Company, please contact the Chairman in the first instance.

Current members are shown below. Click on any image for details. There is also a detailed organogram available for viewing.

There are lists of former Company or Managing Committee members back to 1937 and from there back to 1887.

  • Professor Hugh Dickinson

  • Professor Iain Donnison

  • Professor Christine Foyer

  • Professor Philip Gilmartin

  • Professor Roderick Hunt

  • Dr Mike Jackson

  • Vacancy

  • Dr Paula Rudall

  • Professor Sjef Smeekens

  • Professor Gail Taylor