Review of activities 2022
  • In the calendar year 2022 the journal Annals of Botany appeared for the 136th year in unbroken succession. Seven issues within Volume 129 and seven within Volume 130 were published. The total number of edited pages in 2022 was 1,967 (1,912 in 2021).
  • Two Special (or Focus) Issues appeared (two in 2021), dealing with Seeds in the Anthropocene and Plants and Water’ . No examples of the less exhaustive Highlight Issues (containing smaller collections of special topic papers) appeared in 2022 (one in 2021). Eight Review articles appeared (five in 2021); four Viewpoints were published (four in 2021); nine Research in Context articles (seven in 2021); and one Technical Article (one in 2021). Seventeen examples of Commentary articles discussing selected recent articles from the journal appeared in 2022 (19 in 2021)..

  • As usual, original research articles comprised the bulk of the journal, with 119 being published in 2022 (128 in 2021). The total number of pages published was 27% below the available maximum (17% below in 2021). The practice of including a different full colour illustration on the outside cover each month was continued, together with a full colour Content Snapshot preview of every article. The publication of the journal remained in the hands of Oxford University Press.
  • AoB PLANTS, also with Oxford University Press, maintained its high quality of production and level of service to authors. The journal published 63 articles in 2022, across 684 pages (80 and 880 in 2021) and continued to levy Article Processing Charges, with eight exemptions being awarded (six in 2021). In 2022 its total revenue decreased 41% below that of the previous year (27% increase in 2021).

  • The Company’s latest open access, online only journal, in silico Plants, appeared for its third complete year in 2022. It deals with all aspects of computational plant science and Oxford University Press is again the publisher. Volume 4 appeared 2022, over two issues, and contained 21 articles and 292 edited pages (35 and 573 in 2021). Waivers were granted on seven articles (25 in 2021). Total revenue increased to £18k from £9k in 2021.
  • The weblog BotanyOne continued to grow in variety and prestige. The electronic newsletter, The Week in Botany continues to be sent out weekly to plant scientists on a free subscription basis.