Welcome to the Company

The Annals of Botany Company is an educational charity that has been supporting plant science for well over 100 years. We publish Annals of Botany  (started in 1887) and the open-access journal AoB PLANTS  (started in 2009). These international journals cover all aspects of plant biology, publishing peer reviewed research articles, reviews and comment on the widest range of botanical subjects. We also publish in silico Plants, started in 2018 and containing only computational plant science, and the highly popular web log BotanyOne  that carries lively views and analysis of current research findings from all of plant biology and ecology. For those who like a regular update on plant science news from the blogs and social media there is our email newsletter The Week in Botany  (specimen issue here) to which anyone can subscribe.

The AoB family website

The Annals of Botany Company's journals are available either to view singly, as above, or as a family of three on a site maintained by Oxford University Press. There, you can see all in one place the different Author Guidelines, calls for papers, Special Issues and Open Access information.

Each of our publications benefits from a substantial re-investment of income. Amongst other things, this finances several special issues each year, subsidises author charges for open access publishing and keeps subscription charges as low as possible.

The present site will help you identify key features of the organisation, identify and contact those involved in management and administration, give you access to our publications (links above) and explain how to apply for financial support for a conference, conference session or workshop.

The Annals of Botany Company is a Limited Company Registered in England, No. 78001. It is also a Registered Charity, No. 237771. Its UK VAT number is 157542496 and its Registered Address is 1 Emperor Way, Exeter Business Park, Exeter, EX1 3QS, UK